A very important part of the Barefoot Sailing Club is cruising. All of our cruises are open to everyone. However, if there is not enough space for additional crew, Barefoot members will be given preference. We meet approximately 1 hour or so before the cruise at the Aqualand Marina parking lot. Here, we match up boats with crew, discuss what we will be doing for that day's adventure. Then, everyone departs for their boats and fun!

Each month we have a cruise on the first Saturday and third Sunday if the weather permits it. Barefoot has a number of different social activities we do through out the year with our cruising fleet as well. There is a Sunday Brunch, Lobster Boil, Steak Out and a dinner cruise. The major cruising event is the Celtic Crossing each spring where we honor the contributions the Celtic nations made to our Maritime heritage.

Announcements: All cruises will be announced by email, and by telephone if possible, approximately a week prior to the cruise date. A confirming email will be sent the evening prior to the cruise to confirm the availability of boats and suitable weather. Contact Christine Lemon if you want to be on our Barefoot Yahoo Chat Group. You must be a member of the club to be on the Chat Group.

Cruise Master: We will have a designated cruise master for every cruise. The cruise master's
job is simply to facilitate the date. That can include coming up with a theme, a learning objective, or whatever else they chose. To volunteer as cruise master, please contact
Lance Jones . We will all work together to make this a success! Volunteers are what this club is all about.

Crew: Those of you who need rides, please let the cruise organizer know that you plan to join a cruise by replying to the announcement email and advise how many there are in your "group". We'll match riders first come, first served with available spots. This is a great way to meet new people while enjoying a great sport. Unannounced crew are welcome also but please understand that pre-registered crew get first shot at berths if we don't have enough space for everyone.

Boat Owners: Come on out and do some relaxing sailing, meet new people and promote casual club sailing. If you have a boat, please let us know by replying to the cruise announcement what it is and how many people you are willing to take for a ride that day. Tell us how to reach you by telephone, too. Also, please tell us the name of your boat and if you have a VHF radio, we use channel 68 for our cruises. If you have any special restrictions that you need us to know about, please advise the cruise organizer.

Everyone: We'll meet in the Aqualand parking lot near seating area of the restaurant at the specified time to meet each other, crew up, pick a destination and a plan. Bring your sense of adventure, your good humor and your willingness to reach out and touch someone. We will have a tentative crewing plan made that covers everyone who signs up. You are free to rearrange yourselves as you see fit once you get there. The organizer bring a Barefoot club burgee (triangular shaped flag with a foot on it) for easy identification.

What to Bring: Boat owners volunteer their boats and their time, they are not a catering and outfitting service! Bring whatever food, drink and ice you will need for the day and night, sunscreen, hat, sailing gloves if you have them, sweaters and jackets if it is cool and if you are a crew, a life jacket if you have one in case a host boat doesn't have enough. There must be a life jacket for every person on a boat. It's also handy to have a few pair of binoculars on each boat to check out interesting things. If it looks like rain, bring a rain slicker if you have one and a dry set of clothes.

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